Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Well, I have to apologize too!! But Book Reviews Inside!!!

Hello Rockin' Girls!,

I guess since Ellen apologized I have to apologize too. But, I don't have a great excuse like school... I have just been busy READING!!!!

So, here goes Ms. Leah's reading list as of late

Charlie Bone and The Shadow by Jenny Nimmo

If you haven't read the Charlie Bone series---Where have you been! As much as I love Harry Potter for me, Charlie is where it's at. If you aren't familiar with him, here's some background.

Charlie is known as one of the 12 children of the Red King. These 12 have different magical gifts. Charlie's is that he can travel to, and communicate with, people in paintings and photographs!

These 12 all attend a special school called Bloor's Academy. Run by the not so nice Dr. Bloor and his family.

Needless to say Charlie has many run ins with the Bloors but, that's not all he has to look out for. Under his own roof there is trouble as well! With the likes of his Aunts Grizelda, Lucretia, Eustacia and Venetia.

Book 7, is just out, and titled Charlie Bone and The Shadow. I won't get into what it's about because I want you to read it! But, trust me, it's well worth it!

Find out more about the Charlie Bone series by going to

Now, I am still in the middle of this book, and it's a YA title but, I love it so far!

It's called Avalon High and it's by author Meg Cabot. She has also written the Princess Diary series! This one jumped out at me because I absolutely LOVE King Arthur Tales!!!

This one is based around a girl named Ellie. Her parents are both medival history professors. When they decide to take a year off to do a sabatical(it's when teachers do research projects) they move Ellie away from all her friends to Annapolis, Maryland. New town means new school right? So, Ellie is enrolled as a Junior in Avalon High.

Now, just as she thinks things are a bit normal, she meets A. William Wagner. The handsome captain of the football team, senior class president and valedictorian.

When they meet, they both feel a strange connection. But, they know they have never met.

Things begin to become more clear when one of their teachers Mr. Morton begins to unravel a plot that connects some of Avalon High's students to a modern repeating of the King Arthur legend!

Once I'm done I'll be sure to post a real review but, so far I'm hooked!

That's what I've been up to so far!

I am also going to be doing a program about some cool Virtual Worlds! Once I get that together I'll be sure to post them here!

See y'all soon!