Thursday, November 20, 2008


Hello all! I'd like first and foremost to apologize for being completely absent from this blog. You see, I was bogged down in school. (You know, school. It's that place you have to go to learn stuff, but really, you'd probably rather be reading? But you have to go to become "smart.") But now I am officially done, and free at last!! I want to celebrate!

I also want to put up a book review that Sophia wrote a while ago for the boys' site (why not for us, Sophia? whhhhhyyy??). I won't be a mean and sneaky girl and leave out the part where she talks about how awesome the Boys Rule Boys Read site is, because she's right! Again, I'm so sorry for not doing it sooner.

Island: Book One: Shipwreck
This book is by Gordon Korman. Even though this isn't about the book, I need to explain something to you guys. OK, so I'm a girl, that doesn't mean I want to take over your website. I just think your website is totally awesome! I love reading. Now, Shipwreck is the first book in the Island series. It's about a bunch of of boys and girls who were on a boat, then the boat got in this storm, and the six kids got washed up on a deserted island.
I think you should read this book, it's awesome and I love it!! Gordon Korman is a very good writer and I think you should read all his books. The ones I like are his Island series, Dive series, and his Everest series.
Most likely they're at the library, but if you want, you could also buy the books. They're cool. In the Island series, there are two girls and four boys. In the next book, Survival, they have to survive on the island until they can Escape, book three. Gordon Korman writes awesome books!!

Now that I am finally done with school, I plan on reading a lot more books...for fun. And posting the reviews on here, of course. And any more recommendations you want to throw my way, I'll actually have time to read now!

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