Friday, March 6, 2009

The Cosmic Court of INjustice.

I have kept silent long enough after being accused by the mean and smelly boys. Carlman, Darth Bill, and even Master Jedi Zack all think that I committed the terrible crime of placing a PRINCESS book on the Boys Rule shelf here at ImaginOn. We even had a trial to determine my innocence...or in the case of the MEAN boys who didn't even listen to my case...guilt. Here's the video...

Now, girls, let me explain something to you. Our display here at ImaginOn is TWICE as big as the boys'. Yes, that's right. And there are NO princess books on that display. Ever. (Not that there's anything wrong with them, if that's your cup of tea...) And I haven't reviewed any princess books on this blog, either. So why on earth would I put a princess book on the boy's puny little display?? I WOULDN'T.

There's a poll up now on the boy's blog to decide whether or not I'm guilty. I'm sure we can all guess what the boy's have been voting...and they've also taken to calling me "Evil Ellen" thanks to Darth Bill. Yes. A Sith calling me evil. That's just wrong. AND NOT TRUE. Cunning, yes. Good looking, of course. Hilarious, you bet. But evil? I think not. And Ian called me "revolting" and said that my glasses "didn't work for me." That's a low blow to a librarian, indeed. And just mean. Like boys.

I have no interest in taking over the boy's blog. I have this one. And I have no interest in taking over their display, as it's small and smells funny. And ours has cooler NON-princess books. About strong, smart girls who, as we know, secretly rule the world. So there. But they didn't listen. I have been falsely accused. The boys started the war. I will finish it.

Be afraid boys. Be very, very afraid.

But onto something positive, as Ms. Fabulous wrote in a while back and said:
Ms Fabulous here and I have to comment that Cornellia Funke is my FAVORITE author and I am so excited to see Inkspell in the movies... but I bet the book is better!I really liked The Thief Lord about orphans in Venice, Italy. It's a city that is built on the water and I've been there and absolutely loved it. I could just imagine running the streets and hiding out in that amazing city.I finished The Luxe and it was a fantastic read. I can not imagine growing up as a girl there and having to be so proper and marry for money to save my family fortune... the ending has quite a twist and I didn't figure it out until the end! If you are wondering about liking boys and breaking social rules... this is a must read.I am nearly finished reading the last of the Eragon books Brisinger... it's as good as the first book! I read it all through the snow day we had. The author of this book amazes me because he wrote Eragon when he was only like 17. Well... off to finish reading!

Well, Ms. Fabulous, I just started reading The Luxe, and I'm enjoying it immensely! Anyway, off to plot my revenge against the boys...

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Master Jedi Zack said...

Of course the girly display is bigger, you girls always take up all the space!

Only Evil Ellen would put up a post at the end of the day Friday thinking us guys don't keep up on the weekends. Low Ellen, low!!!

p.s. please don't hurt me!