Tuesday, October 14, 2008

READ THEM!!! Or...something else.

Greetings and salutations, girls। I hope all is well out in your world.

This past weekend was my first official Book Brunch and Wordplay Saturday, and it was so much fun! I hope you all had a chance to come out. The highlights for me were hearing Magaret Peterson Haddix talk about her Shadow Children series (Among the Hidden, Among the Betrayed, etc.) and hearing Josh Elder talk about his Mail Order Ninja graphic novel series. I have to admit I now have a bit of a crush on Mr. Elder.

I may or may not have doodled that above image in my notebook. Okay...moving on...

I MUST post two book reviews sent in by the lovely Miss Sophia. Thank you so much for passing them on, and I do in fact plan on reading these books when I get a chance.

Nicholas on Vacation by Rene Goscinny ****
This story is about a little boy named Nicholas. He's out of school and on vacation. This book is actually about two vacations, one on the beach and one to camp. It's number three in the series of Nicholas books, in which he always tries to have some fun (except Nicholas ends up in trouble). Even when it's raining outside, Nicholas almost always finds ways to amuse himself. I think you would really like this book because it's really funny, wonderful and amusing. Rene Goscinny is a very good writer. If you do like this book, try to read Nicholas, Nicholas Again, and Nicholas and the Gang. Read them! Read Them! READ THEM!!!!

So, Miss Sophia, I get the feeling that you want us to read the Nicholas books. :-P

Everest, Book One: The Contest by Gordon Korman
There are a bunch of kids who want to climb Mount Everest. But there's also this very stingy director named Cap Cizero. And while all the kids want to have a place on the team so that they can be the youngest to get to the summit, they have to be chosen by Cap, who's very harsh and stubborn. I really like this book, which has a lot of action (like the rest of the series). All three of the books in this series by Gordon Korman are excellent. I strongly encourage you to read them. I guarantee you'll love them. Or else...stop and read something different.

Miss Sophia, I hope you consider becoming a librarian someday. You certainly can talk people into reading some books.

All right girls, I'm off to go do great librarian things...but just so you know, I have made some "Girls Read, Girls Rule" bookmarks that are here at ImaginOn for whenever you stop in (and I hope that's soon)। I'm also working on making some suggested reading lists and creating a display JUST FOR GIRLS!!! Are you as excited as I am? I hope so. :-D

****Just a quick note, PLCMC does NOT own Nicholas on Vacation, so pictured here is Nicholas, the first book in the series. Sorry!

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